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Recent Case News - July 2013

Lift home ends in serious injury

Our client was at a night club and was offered a lift home by an acquaintance. The vehicle lost control and was involved in a serious accident. The case was fully contested by the Motor Insurance Bureau.

The case was successfully settled for significant compensation and to our client’s and our satisfaction prior to the hearing in the High Court.

Fall on dangerous footpath

A client from a large county town was walking home when he fell on a badly maintained and damaged footpath and suffered a broken hand.

The case against the County Council, who were responsible for maintaining the footpath, was settled at an early stage on a very pleasing basis.

Fall on wet floor in bookmakers settled

We recently successfully settled a claim for damages for injuries arising following a fall by our client on a wet floor in the toilet area of a bookmakers premises. We employed an engineer on behalf of our client to carry out an inspection and report on the area of the fall.

The case was contested but was recently settled on a satisfactory basis.

Dancer suffers injury when stage collapses

A client of the office was performing at a dance event in a prominent hotel when the case gave way under her and cause her to suffer serious injuries.

The case was brought against the operator of the hotel was settled prior to hearing for a significant amount of compensation.

Child suffers psychological injuries in road traffic crash

The firm acted for the parent of a young girl who was involved in an accident when the car she was travelling in overturned in bad weather on a dangerous bend. Proceedings were brought on her behalf by her parent. Miraculously there were no psychical injuries, however the child suffered post traumatic stress following the accident.

The case was successfully settled and the settlement was approved by the court. The monies were paid into court for the child until she reaches 18 when she can apply to have them paid out to her.

Collision with wandering animal

Our client suffered serious injuries when the car she was driving collided with a wandering animal on a country road. Liability was conceded by the insurance company and the case went to a full hearing at the High Court as an assessment of compensation only.

The case was settled on a very satisfactory basis and to our clients satisfaction.

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