Medical Negligence

Have you suffered due to medical error or misdiagnosis? Were you prescribed inappropriate medication or given inappropriate treatment?

Medical Negligence is essentially a form of Professional Negligence, which is detailed in our Litigation section; however this particular area of law represents such a mine field in modern times that it deserves its own section. Medical Negligence covers a wide range of professionals.

It not only applies to Negligence in Hospitals at the hands of Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses or Midwives, it applies to Negligence on the part of private Doctors also in their own private clinics. It can arise in situations as a result of medical error in surgery or in prescribing the wrong medication; likewise it can arise in circumstances where professionals have failed to diagnose an ailment appropriately, resulting in injury or loss.

DePuy Implants

We have also acted for people who have suffered injury as a result of faulty DePuy hip implants. If you have suffered as a result of same and feel you have an action against DePuy, you will note that there are numerous possible defendants as well as DePuy. They are:

  • the Hospital where the procedure was carried out
  • the HSE and
  • possibly the Surgeon

There are also numerous heads of claim:

  • Liability for Defective Product (DePuy is liable under this head)
  • Breach of Contract (the Hospital, Surgeon and HSE are liable here)
  • Negligence (DePuy, the Hospital and Surgeon are liable under this head of claim)

You might note, if you have suffered as a result of faulty DePuy implant, that the Statute of Limitations is running out, particularly under the headings of Liability for Defective Products (3 years) and Negligence resulting in Personal Injury (2 years). Therefore if you feel you might have an actionable case contact us immediately to discuss matters in order to avoid any Statute issues.

Cosmetic Surgery

Medical Negligence can also occur if you feel that you have been the subject of misconduct on the part of a medical professional. Nowadays with the increasing numbers of cosmetic surgery procedures being undergone in this County, these professionals are also subject to the Law of Medical Negligence. Dental professionals and opticians can also be the subject of Medical Negligence claims. Ophthalmology and Laser Eye Surgery can also be the subject of successful Medical Negligence claims.


In very recent times the Government has agreed to amend legislation in order to allow women who have undergone Symphysiotomy procedures between 1944 and 1992 to be able to seek redress. Symphysiotomy was a needless and barbaric procedure carried out on a woman during childbirth. As a result of these needless Symphsiotomy procedures many women were left with permanent ailments, which was wholly unnecessary and has unduly caused hurt, loss and suffering to those women. If you have suffered as a result of a needless Symphysiotomy procedure contact us now. We assure you we will handle your case in a confidential, transparent and compassionate manner.

If you feel you have suffered loss or injury, if you have lost a loved one or if you feel you have a son or a daughter who has suffered loss as a result of the negligent actions of any one of the healthcare professionals mentioned above, feel free to contact us in order to make an appointment to speak to us in our Limerick office on a confidential basis.

In contentious matters a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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